• Credit Suisse

    NOVUM 01/2019, p.25/26

    "Credit Suisse Asset Management Global Real Estate is already applying the RealEstimate® technology, thus establishing a new standard in the real estate market."

    "By applying recognised standards in a portfolio context, alternative and traditional investments can be compared, investments estimated, stress scenarios simulated and analysed along the entire life cycle."

  • CS Investment Foundation

    45th Yearly Report 30.6.2019, p.6/7

    "As an investment foundation, we have decided to take this innovative step and use RealEstimate® technology to analyse our portfolio for selected investment groups."

    "RealEstimate® also allows for cross-asset class benchmarking. [...] The methodology raises the quality and transparency of investment decisions to a new level."

  • Networking with the world of science

    We are active in joint research projects with partners from universities and research institutions and are connected through publications.

    Publications and Conference Contributions (2013-2019)

  • Quarree 100

    Innovative Business Models New Energies

    In the Quarree 100 research project, we are involved in the development of new business models in the context of the implementation of the energy transition.

    Role in the project:
    In the project, the influencing variables of the region, the market and the specific technologies are analysed, described in stochastic, coupled mathematical models and implemented in programme code. This will provide a virtual basis for the investigation of regional economic effects and business and operator models.